Tom Morgan was born and raised in Anaheim, California but moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to escape the hustle and congestion of Southern California. Despite a good banking career and a regular golf game with friends, Tom sees his life becoming horribly mundane. Penny Baker is the epitome of an upbeat, positive Christian woman. She has a good job, a wonderful boyfriend, and lives close to the beach. After Tom’s father suffers a heart attack, Tom must put his life on hold to fly home and be with his parents. What he doesn’t anticipate is the Holy Spirit urging him to return home for good. Penny’s heart is crushed when her boyfriend, Ethan, abandons their five-year relationship for a coveted career move. What Penny and Tom don’t know is their lives will soon be intertwined in a heartbeat. Through a mysterious series of connections, the perfect opportunity awaits Tom at the same bank where Penny¬†happens to work. In The Trouble with Dimples Paul Garcia portrays the romance that sparks when the Lord uses a chance encounter with Tom to put Penny back on the path to emotional recovery. The turmoil of Penny’s and Tom’s lives finds solace in the encouragement each brings. This inspiring story of drama and romance will draw you in as Penny finds The Trouble with Dimples.